Kinross Stamp Shop Intro

Richard at his desk in the Kinross Stamp Shop.With over 20 years successful trading in stamp collecting  and over 40,000 satisfied customers around the world, Richard feels it’s time to bring his expertise and customer service to the high street.

Services will include buying and selling stamps and stamp collection, albums and accessories, a valuation service by appointment and public auctions .

“I already offer my customers the opportunity to let me try and find the missing stamps from their collections so our new “Find It” service will now be accessible by others.

General Opening Hours:

Closed due to Covid restrictions.  We will
update you in due course.

Please phone to be sure that we are in.

If you are looking to sell your stamp collection then please make an appointment for a free valuation and we may be able to buy or find a buyer for you. Call for details 01577 862562.

If you are deeply into Philately, the study of stamps and postal history or just a keen stamp collector, you are welcome to visit the Kinross Stamp Shop. If you live too far away to visit Kinross, you can still keep contact with us through this website.

Kinross Stamp Shop 65 High Street  Kinross KY13 8AA  – Tel: 01577 862562 – Mobile 07734366309