Christmas is Coming

Its only a little over 8 weeks to Christmas and its been busy in the shop with people clearing out unwanted stamp collections, coins, phone cards and other collectibles.  We are also offering excellent rates on scrap silver and gold and jewelry.  If you are clearing out or looking to expand your own collection why not call in and see us.

Stamp collecting is still one of the worlds top hobbies and we have some great ideas for starter kits for children.  I have very fond memories of going to the local market with my dad to buy small boxes of stamps and selling the spares in my local junk shop.  I should have known then that I was destined to become a stamp dealer in later life.  Who would have thought it would take another 30 years to get back into the business and some 15 years later now I am so glad to be on the High Street.  Having spent 11 of those 15 years never knowing or meeting anyone of my 1000’s of ebay customers.

My stamps shop in Kinross is fast becoming a hub for local and not so local people to bring in all manner of collectibles and other antiquities in a hope that I will have an outlet for them.  We have had long bows, whiskey collections, telephone cards all of which are highly collectible but I really didn’t know what to do with the miniature lighthouse figures however with my contacts in the antique business I am hoping to move them on.

Today even brought in a Princess Mary’s 1914 Brass Ration Tin full of coins.  Turns out the tin is worth more than the contents.

1914 Princess Marys Tin

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